Sencore S8100 Cutting Saw Review

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  • Automatic Lube Technology for quick upkeep and optimal lubrication.
  • The 81 cubic centimeter engine lasts for a long time with an electric choke.
  • Sturdy and rugged external screw for belt tensioning.
  • Easy to handle air filtration with an external rocker switch.
  • Ergonomic parts with safety features to prolong shelf life.



The Sencore S8100 Saw is a concrete diamond saw made with high-quality and durable materials. And it’s a high-priced pick which means it has the top-ranking and innovative features backing up its motor technology.

It’s also no surprise then that the Sencore is a contractor-grade pick for its smart and sharp cutting features. The Sencore has made its saw with a heavy-duty 81 cubic centimeter engine. So it has a solid weight and a power-driven cutting capacity.

The engine makes sure that the maximum cutting speed and stability levels of the saw are up to your expectations. And that it’s suited to the majority of demanding applications.

This offers consistency and long-term ergonomics that are hard to maintain in such a demanding diamond saw. But the Sencore does it effectively.

Moreover, this impressive powerhouse also features AutoLube technology. What good does that do? It automatically adjusts and determines how much oil it needs to optimize performance and prolong shelf life.

Plus, the Sencore offers a case of 2-cycle oil for long-term use. Such impressive performance is equipped for all kinds of demanding applications.


The things a 14-inch blade can do are quite long, no doubt about it. It plays a key role in accelerating performance and stabilizing the fast speed of the blade and cutting power.

The blade does a good job of keeping itself sharp as well. All thanks to the blade guard that is not too small nor too big for the 14-inch blade. It fits just right.

To keep the blade efficient and effective, the design also consists of a one-stop power button. Now that’s one hell of a feature but it does so much, right? Capable of maintaining optimal cutting speeds, just the way a diamond saw can and should, to cut extremely smoothly and without making a loud noise.


When working with a diamond cutting saw, ergonomics does indeed come to mind. The Sencore includes a longer handle design to promote better usability. It also consists of special and unique two-pipe air filtration systems to prolong the shelf life of the machine. And make it easier on you to keep it clean and effective for longer.

The external rocker switch guarantees that you never again have to open the entire filter box to clean the air filters. With the switch, you can do so without opening and still clean the filters just as accurately.

Other features including the pull start and nylon cord ensure smooth, lag-free, and mess-free performance. All these little details improve usability, maneuverability, and durability. You can finally use a diamond saw all day without experiencing user fatigue or delayed power.


Sencore offers exclusive safety features to make the diamond saw experience seamless and comfortable. The separate gas and oil chambers reduce mess and save time. You don’t have to mix the oils ever again which is a real head-scratcher in a gasoline saw.

The machine auto-detects what it needs and determines the right course of action. The design also features an external screw for accurate belt tensioning. This means that all the internal parts including the external parts of the Sencore work well together without damages or premature wear and tear.

This also prevents overheating, over-discharging, and overloading. So you have no reason to be alarmed were you to use this for all your demanding applications.

Furthermore, the durable blade guard, longer grip handle, and one-stop brake add to the overall safety and efficacy of the Sencore 8100 Saw.  

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