Ridgid ZRR32104 THRUCOOL Worm Drive Saw Review

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  • 15-amp worm drive saw with a speed of 5,000 RPM
  • THRUCOOL motor technology for efficient cooling
  • Quick bevel angle adjustments with positive stops
  • Standard blade size (7-1/4 inches) with adjustable cutting depth
  • Brushed motor for no friction, less heat, and better performance
Ridgid ZRR32104 THRUCOOL Worm Drive Saw Review
Ridgid ZRR32104 THRUCOOL Worm Drive Saw Review


The Design and Motor

Ridgid ZRR32104 Design and Motor

The design of this and every other circular saw, be it worm drive or sidewinder, consists of the placement of the blade and motor. In the Ridgid ZRR32104 Worm Drive Saw, since it’s a worm drive model, the motor is positioned in the back. And since it’s a modern-day circular saw, the whole structure is relatively more compact and lightweight (only 15 pounds).

And the lightweight cast aluminum base is well-engineered, so durability isn’t a concern at all either.

Moving on to an important component – the motor of Ridgid ZRR32104. Being worm drive, this circular saw has its motor mounted in the back, right? This, no doubt, paves the way for greater power transfer, thus boosting torque. Just so you know, it’s a 15-amp motor that generates a speed of 5,000 RPM (no-load speed).

The whole composition of this worm drive saw is such that you even get more stability in comparison to the sidewinder type of circular saws.  However, the only drawback here is that worm drives have the blade installed on the left, which can be a nuisance in case you happen to be a leftie. Rather choose a left-handed saw specifically in that case.

THRUCOOL Motor Technology

Ridgid ZRR32104 THRUCOOL Motor Technology

Many professionals talk about the upper hand that worm drive saws enjoy because of the inclusion of increased torque that allows you to make rip cuts the most effortlessly. Also because of the left-side cutline visibility of the blade, which seems perfect for right-hand orientation. These are all benefits you certainly get with Ridgid ZRR32104.

And then comes the most influential factor – the upgraded THRUCOOL motor technology. It makes way for airflow through the motor in order to enable more efficient cooling during operation. So performance and speed remain unhindered.

Because of THRUCOOL, projects involving long cuts for deck-building, even with pressure-treated, wet lumber, can become a part of the experience. What’s also a part of the deal is making bevel and depth adjustments the most easily and smoothly. So you see, you don’t really have to be an experienced user for working a power tool as this worm drive saw.

Furthermore, you can make long rips cuts and crosscuts. This includes harder or thicker lumber. The motor is responsible for handing over immense power along with control and a smooth cutting application. This, in part, is also due to the weight of the unit. Speaking of which…


In comparison to a standard sidewinder circular saw, how much more powerful, thus heavier is Ridgid ZRR32104? The weight of the latter is around 15 pounds, definitely heavier than the 8-9 pound weight of the former. But then keep in mind that more weight means more power. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

Think of the added weight of this worm drive circular saw as an advantage for the mere reason that all that extra weight and power keep the tool down on the material. So you’re free to focus more on moving it forward in a straight line. Therefore, more efficient handling for more accurate results.

Cutting Depth and Beveling

If you don’t take into account the cutting depth of your worm drive saw, you’re making a huge mistake indeed. Because deeper cuts are certainly better. But then you don’t necessarily need an extreme cutting depth. Whatever it may be, it’s the blade capacity that determines the depth of the cuts.

In that case, the standard blade diameter is 7-1/4 inches for standard use, which is exactly what you get with Ridgid ZRR32104.  As for cutting depth adjustments, at 45 degrees, it’s 1-3/4 inches and at 90 degrees, it’s 2-3/8 inches.

Moving on to beveling, it’s the most useful when your tasks require more than just simple, straight cuts. With a wider bevel capacity (0 to 56 degrees in this case, wide enough indeed), you can perform cuts that are more angled. And you know what this means, right? A more versatile working experience!

Since this is a high-quality worm drive circular saw, there are positive stops installed at the most commonly used angles. For instance, at 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, etc. Not really something you absolutely need unless you make angled cuts.

Additional information

Specification: Ridgid ZRR32104 THRUCOOL Worm Drive Saw Review

Voltage (V)


Motor Power (Amp)


Power Source


Brushless Motor


Worm Drive


Depth of Cut - 90 Degrees (in)


Blade Diameter (in)


Blade Location


Cord Style


Length (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Weight (pounds)


Shoe Material


Bevel Capacity (degrees)


Electric Brake




Money-back guarantee days


Warranty (Years)


Batteries Included


Batteries Required









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