Makita XSC03Z 18V LXT Metal Cutting Saw Review

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  • Impressive 32T carbide blade 2-inch cutting depth.
  • Powerful and effective 3,600 RPM with electric brake.
  • Dual-stage lock-off trigger switch for better mobility and accessibility.
  • The transparent chip collector reduces debris and chip from cutting.
  • It includes LED light, hex wrench, hook, and rubber grip handle.
  • It can cut 1,300 cuts of stainless steel rods of 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch.
Makita XSC03Z 18V LXT Metal Cutting Saw Review
Makita XSC03Z 18V LXT Metal Cutting Saw Review



Makita XSC03Z Construction

The Makita is made up of a stainless steel base, so it’s lightweight but sturdy. It weighs less than 6 lbs even with the battery. Although, in this product, you will not get the battery, for that you have to pay extra. This purchase includes the bare tool only.

Whether or not the Makita XSC03Z differs from its predecessors depends on the performance of the tool and the manner in which you’re using it. What I can say is that it’s definitely an upgrade when pitted side-by-side against similarly-priced metal-cutting saws.

The construction is solidly built, long-lasting, and portable to use. Using it for small and light use but for sharp and smooth cuts is easy. It has a convenient design with all the essential parts you need to cut metal effectively and straight.

After all, the Makita XSC03Z is a rod cutter. It works on narrow designs and simplifies cutting without overloading or burrs or sparks. With regards to its weight and size, it’s a compact tool designed to cut effectively and flexibly.


Makita XSC03Z Blade

The blade is capable of cutting 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threaded rods. The blade is 32 fine-toothed carbide, 5-3/8-inch in diameter with a 5/8-inch arbor and a 2-inch cutting depth.

It’s a fine choice with safety features like the electronic brake and a cordless brushed motor. So the blade runs smoothly without swaying from its true goal. That is to work like the best cold-cutting saw you’ve ever used. And the Makita XSC03Z doesn’t disappoint on that front.

It’s sharp and strong for steel studs and other metal cutting applications. The edges glide through the metal like a hot knife through butter. Cliché comparison, I know, but the weight of the saw contributes to its fantastic speed and blade movement. So it does actually feel like you’re slicing pieces of butter with a hot knife!


Makita XSC03Z Power

A few features that fall under the power category that must be mentioned here because they improve the overall experience of using the Makita XSC03Z – for beginners and professional contractors.

First, the no-load speed capacity which is 3,600 RPM. Coupled with the lightweight yet effective cutting performance, the speed is up to the mark. It’s seamless, noiseless, and burr-free. Even at such a relatively high cutting speed, it doesn’t waste any time with premature wear and tear, of the blade and the motor performance.

Second, the no-load speed joins in with the electronic brake to regulate a smoother and safer cutting experience. The Makita lets you cut and stop the brake responsibly without damaging the blade. You will also be glad to know that the electronic brake prevents the overloading of the motor.

But more on that next.

 The battery run-time of the Makita XSC03Z is surprisingly effective. Again, for an affordable power saw, it’s a handy and efficient tool. The lithium-ion battery powers up the brushless motor to produce higher number of cuts in lesser time and on slightly thicker material.

And when you want to stop, the rocker switch reverses the speed of the blade, stopping the cutting action without losing extra power.  

So it can cut 1,300 cuts on a 3/8-inch threaded stainless steel rod in no time.


The Makita, as usual, has plenty of tricks under its sleeve to make your user experience easier and smoother. This has plenty of benefits, right? What those are you’ll get to know through its professional-grade features.

Starting with my favorite, the transparent chip collector box. Making up for the last of a vacuum attachment, perhaps, the chip collector box cleans away the big pieces.

Coupled with that, the rubberized soft grip, and the compact shape and size of the tool, it’s a delight to use. You have better grip, stability, and most importantly, less hand fatigue after use.

The Makita also features a smart, efficient LED light that sits under the chip collector box. The light falls right where it’s supposed to and is needed (by you) especially when you work in dim-light conditions.

In fact, considering its ergonomics, the Makita XSC03Z is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The design comes with two ways of keeping things handy – the hang hook and the shoulder strap. I personally recommend using the shoulder strap since it’s much safer.

Next, we have the hex wrench for quick and painless blade changes. It’s only a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, the bolts and screws are super sturdy and strong to handle.

Additional information

Specification: Makita XSC03Z 18V LXT Metal Cutting Saw Review

Engine Speed (RPM)


Voltage (V)


Power Source

Battery Powered

Brushless Motor


Blade Diameter (in)


Blade Location


Cord Style


Length (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Weight (pounds)


Shoe Material


Electric Brake


Laser Guide


LED Lights


Dust Collection


Dust Blower


Dust Port



Beams & Timber

Money-back guarantee days


Warranty (Years)


Arbor Size (in)


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Battery System









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