Hilti 00427728 120-Volt Circular Saw Package Review

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  • 15-amp corded circular saw with more power (5,800 RPM)
  • Larger 7-1/4” blade diameter – perfect for heavy cutting
  • Bevel capacity is up to 50 degrees, thus highly versatile
  • Highly responsive electric brake and a large viewing window
  • Includes rip fence guide along with tool, wrench, and blade
Hilti 00427728 120-Volt Circular Saw Package Review
Hilti 00427728 120-Volt Circular Saw Package Review


Powerful Motor

Hilti 00427728 Powerful Motor

It’s pretty simple – if you’re a woodworking professional or enthusiast, then it’s mandatory to have a circular saw like this in your arsenal. And a corded model such as the Hilti 00427728 120V Circular Saw is worth taking into consideration. Primarily because of its nearly boundless power so long as electricity doesn’t go off.

Much like most corded circular saws out there, even this one has an extremely powerful 15-amp motor. So the flow of power is reliable and solid, no doubt about that. You can make the most effective cuts at quite a commendable speed. In this case, the no-load speed of the motor is 5,800 RPM.

And it’s the presence of this kind of almost infinite power that gives corded circular saws the upper hand over their cordless counterparts. Agreed that the latter is more convenient to use but then it’s not as high-performing as the former. The former certainly knows how to perform a comparatively smoother operation, even when ripping thick plywood.

It’s the most ideal to cut wood beams, sandwich panels, concrete forming boards, and gypsum boards. The 15-amp motor is more than just capable of creating rip cuts with a depth of 2.38 inches at a surprisingly fast speed.

On top of that, corded power tools like these also give you the added advantage of using batteries other than the brand’s own.

Size and Weight

Hilti 00427728 Size

Now it goes without saying that saw machines have to belong to a certain weight and size category if you want them to be well-balanced as well as flexible to use for different applications. In that context, nothing performs as a cordless circular saw in terms of convenience. But then what about the corded version?

This Hilti circular saw, corded of course, just like all corded models out there, doesn’t have a battery integrated into it, right? So doesn’t that mean the tool is carrying no extra weight? So it’s pretty lightweight (only 10-11 pounds), thus very manageable to use during operation. Unlike the cordless circular saws that do house heavy batteries.

And when handling is this easier, the precision factor also improves at the time of cutting. That seems to appeal the most to those new to woodworking. Now you know why beginners, more often than not, choose a corded circular saw. And professionals often purchase the cordless ones since they’re well accustomed to yielding heavier saws because of being more experienced.

Just so you know, the dimensions of Hilti 00427728 are 14 inches x 7.7 inches x 12 inches.

Blade Speed / Size / Adjustments

As already mentioned earlier, the no-load speed of the motor is 5,800 RPM. So it’s indicative that Hilti’s circular saw here is equipped with a highly efficient motor. But does a higher blade speed, RPM that is, automatically mean more number of cuts?

With blade speed, you can indeed determine how fast or slow the circular saw revolves the blade. But the effectiveness of the cuts is actually based on the surface area the blade passes through during cutting. Meaning if the blade passes through a larger surface area, only then can you expect it to go deeper and faster.

Taking that into account, it’s the blade size that determines the surface area. Larger blades inevitably cover a larger area. On that note, what is the blade size of this corded Hilti circular saw? It’s 7-1/4 inches, which is definitely larger than the standard models (6-1/2 inches).

Now you know for certain that both the blade speed and blade diameter are the most favorable for effective cuts and heavy cutting applications.

Moving on to the max. bevel capacity of Hilti 00427728, it’s up to 50 degrees. As for the max. cutting depth, that is 45 degrees. And you can adjust both depth and bevel levers within seconds for performing different angled cuts the most accurately.

Body Design

The design of this corded unit is much like any other circular saw available today. There’s the primary cutting body, which includes an attached handle for convenient usability. Hilti has certainly designed the power tool very strategically. And the proof of that is the inclusion of an ergonomic placement of the handles.

And these handles are layered with rubber for a slip-resistant, more secure grip.

Even the placement of the motor is conveniently done for easy, smooth, and lightweight operation.

Other very special structural elements include an electric brake, heavy-duty needle and ball bearing, and a large viewing window. The electric brake is activated right when you release that trigger. The needle and ball bearing is heavy-duty precisely for long-term shelf life. And the viewing window is large enough to offer clear visibility of your cutting line.

Additional information

Specification: Hilti 00427728 120-Volt Circular Saw Package Review

Engine Speed (RPM)


Voltage (V)


Motor Power (Amp)


Power Source


Brushless Motor


Depth of Cut - 90 Degrees (in)


Depth of Cut - 45 Degrees (in)


Blade Diameter (in)


Blade Location


Cord Style


Length (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Weight (pounds)


Shoe Material


Bevel Capacity (degrees)


Electric Brake




Money-back guarantee days


Arbor Size (in)


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion








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