Dewalt DC373P2 20V Max Circular Saw Kit Review

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DEWALT 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Kit (DCS373P2) & Free shipping
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  • Strong, versatile 5-1/2 inch 30T carbide-tipped blade.
  • Bright LED light with 20-second delay timer works fast and accurately.
  • High-quality and friction-resistant steel shoe with guards.
  • Secure and sturdy over-molded rubber grips for easy handling.
Dewalt DC373P2 20V Max Circular Saw Kit Review
Dewalt DC373P2 20V Max Circular Saw Kit Review


Convenient Design

Dewalt DC373P2 Design

I know you must be thinking that a corded circular saw cannot be as user-friendly and easy to use as a cordless one. But when it comes to this Dewalt pick, that’s exactly true. Because the Dewalt DC373P2 offers a strong, metal circular saw kit. Plus a powerful and efficient speed is supported by a tough, long-lasting, and efficient body.

The housing is primarily of high-quality and strapping metal. The metal steel shoe is durable, no doubt, but it’s also highly resistant. This means it protects against unnecessary but inevitable friction that most circular saws pick up on during cutting.

It reduces chip build-up so that the machine keeps cutting straight without straying from its destined path. And as a result, you get a better handle on things down the road. So it’s definitely a tough competitor because it boasts of a long-lasting design.

Including power, the Dewalt has paid close attention to all the other features that are just as important. Such as durability, feature set, and adjustability.

The high-strength steel shoe works beautifully with the over-molded rubber grip for added convenience. This increases the comfort level by allowing you more room while holding and preventing hand fatigue after. These rubber grips also stabilize the handling of the machine so you can keep the blade running smoothly but, first and foremost, in a straight line.

Blade Quality & Performance

Dewalt DC373P2 Performance

The Dewalt gets its great reputation from its 5-1/2-inch carbide-tipped blade. This blade produces clean, sharp, and smooth cuts. And it’s nothing that loses its efficacy with time. The blade is very high-quality and sturdy to use.

What’s also important to note with such high-speed and sharp blades is how much noise or vibration it produces. And with the Dewalt, the carbide-tipped blades are completely burr-free. And they are relatively quiet which means they won’t wake up the whole neighborhood.

One thing that the Dewalt DC373P2 does that is absent in other battery-operated tools is freedom of movement. The 30-tooth carbide tipped is a convenient and professional-grade blade. It will quickly saw through any material with so much as a kickback or loud vibrations.

The high-strength steel shoe supports the blade in its edgy and fast cutting speed. A powerful motor that provides 3,700 RPM is nothing short of spectacular when you want the power and speed of a truly professional and straightforward circular saw.

That’s precisely what the Dewalt DC373P2 is. Suitable for professionals and occasional DIY-ers.


Dewalt is known for pushing boundaries and building strong power tools. And the DC373P2 is a good example of that. The power the 3,700 RPM motor and lithium-ion battery produce is incredible.

Despite the fact, that it is one of the most powerful circular saws, it feels so light and comfortable to work with. No user fatigue even if you’ve been using it all day. The power the Dewalt DC373P2 produces can effectively last for an entire day’s work.

For demanding projects, the Dewalt won’t become the worse for wear after months. It performs just as well, thanks to the high-strength steel shoe which provides power plus resistance against damages and chip build-up.

And since this includes everything you need to get started, it’s one of the most accessible tools to use. The power extends to the battery charger as well. The premium lithium-ion batteries take half the time to charge up real nicely. It cuts wood, steel, and plate stock accurately without deteriorating in performance or consistency.


The ergonomics of a circular saw do not just include a single feature. It’s a bunch of little things that make up a greater, more user-friendly circular saw.

With this Dewalt, that means lots of small but not inconsequential features. Such as the LED light, Straight-Line window, rubber grips, electronic brake, and timer.

Let’s started with the LED light which is worth noting because it is buoyed by a 20-seconds delay timer. Every circular saw has a trigger release that controls when the tool starts and stops. In the Dewalt, after you’ve pressed the trigger to stop the blades, the LED light doesn’t immediately shut off. It waits, for 20 seconds, until the blades have completely stopped moving.

It is a convenient and user-friendly feature because it prevents any accidents. You should have all the visibility on the cutting line for as long as you have the circular saw in your hands, on or off. So the delayed LED light provides that extra assistance you need to finish up while staying safe.

You’ll also find more use out of the Straight-Line window feature which doesn’t let you stray away from the cutting line. It improves visibility in daylight and dim-light conditions. The handle, motor, or blade doesn’t get in the way, and you can observe the material you’re cutting without any interruptions.

This is a good choice for home projects and commercial ones. The Straight Line offers good alignment benefits. It’s also very stable and precise, thanks to its line guide and heavy steel shoe. It has a long-lasting battery life and it has better, most user-friendly features than most battery-operated circular kits I’ve come across.

Additional information

Specification: Dewalt DC373P2 20V Max Circular Saw Kit Review

Engine Speed (RPM)


Voltage (V)


Horsepower (hp)

Universal Motor

Power Source

Battery Powered

Brushless Motor


Worm Drive


Blade Diameter (in)


Blade Location


Cord Style


Length (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Weight (pounds)


Shoe Material


Electric Brake


Laser Guide


LED Lights


Spindle Lock


Dust Collection


Dust Blower


Dust Port



Beams & Timber

Money-back guarantee days


Warranty (Years)


Arbor Size (in)


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion








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